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The lawyers of Tate Law Group practice law from their office in Savannah, Georgia in Chatham County. The firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas: personal injury, auto accidents and mass torts.

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Dangerous Drugs Blog Post

Should Actos & Pradaxa Be Recalled?

Many dangerous medications remain on the market although they cause life-threatening side effects. Despite reports of fatalities, the FDA allows some pharmaceutical companies to continue selling their medications. The blood thinner Pradaxa® and the diabetes medication Actos® fall into this group.

Patients with diabetes who take Actos for more than two years or who are taking large doses of the drug have a very high probability of developing bladder cancer. No recall has been announced or is anticipated by the FDA or Actos manufacturer Takeda, though the drug has been officially banned in France and Germany. The FDA recommends that physicians should emphasize the potential for cancer before prescribing the drug. In June 2011, changes were made to the Actos label that stressed the possibility of developing bladder cancer. Actos is also subject to an ongoing safety review.

Pradaxa has been blamed for causing numerous medical ailments, including strokes, heart attacks, internal bleeding, brain hemorrhages, kidney bleeding, kidney failure and death. Despite such a horrifying track record, neither the FDA nor the manufacturer has announced a recall. Pradaxa is still being prescribed over one million times every year even though some 260 patients have died from using the drug. Because Pradaxa has no counteracting drug to stop bleeding, a cut or an internal hemorrhage is likely to bleed uncontrollably. If you are experiencing any of these side effects while taking Pradaxa, you need to call your physician and Tate Law Group. Our law firm has been in the forefront of Pradaxa lawsuits in Georgia and throughout the United States.

Trust experienced medical product liability lawyers to help you

Tate Law Group is committed to helping patients in Savannah who have suffered due to their use of Pradaxa or Actos. Our dedicated staff of attorneys has prosecuted local cases and multidistrict litigation lawsuits against the manufacturers of these troublesome medications. If you are suffering from the side effects of Pradaxa or Actos, contact us immediately for a consultation.

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